S3 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

S3 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

ANLEON’s advanced S3 IEM system offers a full range of professional in-ear monitoring features, The stereo monitor system is equipped with S3’s versatile Personal Mix Control, which gives allows volume and mix control of two independent signals on stage, via controls on the S3 stereo body-pack receiver. While up to 8 complete S3 systems may be used simultaneously, any number of S3 stereo receivers can operate on the same frequency with a single S3 stereo transmitter. The S3 Stereo Transmitter is equipped with two XLR/¼” combo input connectors into which users can connect line-level inputs (from a mixing console, for example). The S3 Transmitter also offers a headphone output that allows you to monitor transmitter input signals directly.




Usefull features.

High-fidelity sound with clean, articulate mix allows performers to hear themselves clearly at lower volume
Up to 8 simultaneous systems per frequency band
Three receiver modes: Personal Mix, stereo, and mono
Personal Mix Control allows volume and mix control of two independent signals at the receiver
LCD information display offers step-through menus for setting preferences
XLR loop output (true pass-through) connects signal to mixing console, additional IEM system or recording device with no signal degradation
Adjustable squelch eliminates annoying static
Pilot tone protects against RF interference when transmitter is turned off
Portable system is quick to load and set up
Reduces on-stage audio clutter for better overall mix & less feedback
Use any number of Stereo Receivers (with individual mixes) on the same frequency


Operating Frequencies Band :

518.000 to 554.000 MHz,
626.000 to 662.000 MHz,
830.000 to 866.000 MHz,

566.000 to 608.000MHz,

470.000 to 507.000MHz

(Not all frequency bands available in all areas.
Modulation Mode FM stereo
Maximum Deviation ±40 kHz
Frequency Response 60 Hz to 13 kHz (+/- 3 dB)

Dynamic Range 90 dB (typical), A-weighted
Total Harmonic Distortion <1% at (1 kHz, ±20 kHz Deviation)


The Transmitter Mono/Stereo configuration is used as follows: there is only one output from your mixer (connected to either the L or R input of your transmitter).This signal will go to both left and right earphones.
When two-signal transmission is not required , use Mono Mode for improved signal-to-noise performance,longer transmission distance. (Connect any unit that only delivers a mono signal to the transmitter’s left XLR-3F socket  and set the transmitter to mono operation).

Lithium AA batteries not recommended for S3

Ideal Applications.

guitar player
bass player
Every Musicians that is moving around the stage can use it.



Audio signal has a high level of background noise

Lithium AA batteries not recommended for S3

1,audio interfaces  connect to S3

human people are not able to hear/recognize the signal of which frequecy is more than 15KHz. Audio equipments should have low pass filter, but we found that some of audio interfaces not cut/eliminate these ultra high signals, that cuase noise when connect to S3.


2, Receive “High Boost ” OFF  (High Boost  ON with high background noise).

3, When connecting to a mixer, be careful on how much signal you send to the S3 transmitter,If the input signal is too low, which would result in a signal with high background noise.

4,When two-signal transmission is not required , use Mono Mode for
improved signal-to-noise performance.(Connect any unit that only delivers a mono signal to the transmitter’s left  XLR-3F socket  and set the transmitter to mono operation)

How many belt pack units can be synced to one transmitter ?

As many as you want. Expandable for an Unlimited Number of Users .A transmitter can be used with any number of receivers, as long as they all use the same channel/frequency.

Do these have built-in limiters for the audio signal? Adjustable?

No it doesn’t have built in limiters but you can adjust the input level on the transmitter itself and it has a volume control on the bodypack receiver as well!

Customer reviews

This system is awesome. It sounds alright and is plenty loud enough for use on stage. I’ve been using it for 3 months so far and it does not cause interference with my wireless microphone and our guitar wireless transmitters. The earphones that come with it are junk and broke last week during a gig, but for the price, who cares? I ordered Shure earphones to replace them, I can’t wait to test it with them, the sound quality will most likely increase. My drummer uses a Peavey wireless in ear monitor system that he paid three times the price of this, and this one has been just as reliable as his so far.Update: I tried my Shure SE215 earphones with it at our rehearsal last Tuesday, and it sounds even better now. A solid buy!

Larry Smith

when I compare it to my Sennheiser using the same premium set of earbuds, there is little difference in sound. There is a big difference in the price I paid for the two systems. Suggest picking up a quality set of earbuds for live music application. 5 stars for value for sure!

Sandra Burn

Je viens de recevoir le système et je peux vous dire qu’il est tout simplement fabuleux pour le prix.
J’utilise déjà plusieurs système sans fil qui vaut entre 900 et 1500$ et je peux vous dire que le ANLEON S2 est aussi bon même meilleur que tout ceux à 1000$ et moin.
Tout les fréquences sont là, du gain au maximum sans distorsion et de la basse qui punch.

George Green

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