MTG-100 Wireless Tour Guide & Language Interpretation System

MTG100 is a portable short-range wireless system used to transmit an audio message from a presenter to an audience. The presenter speaks into a radio microphone transmitter and the audience use lightweight receivers to hear the message.


The interpreter sits or stands on the periphery of the group, wears a battery-operated portable transmitter, listens to the proceedings and whispers the interpretation into a microphone (head-worn or lapel). This signal is transmitted to delegates who listen on wireless receivers within a range of about 100 m, depending on the model.

The receivers are multi-channel and each language requires a separate transmitter. Interpreters working together as a team for a single language must share a single transmitter and microphone.


Usefull features.

PLL frequency synthesis technique for stable signal transmission.
UHF frequency range with 6 selectable channels
One transmitter can be operated with multiple receivers within the operating range
Dynamic expanding circuit for high S/N ratio.
Complex interference-free circuit for using more than 4 sets simultaneously without mutual interference
Both transmitter and receiver use LCD-display to indicate frequency,channel,level status
Long operating range up to 100m
Wireless tour guiding,simultaneous translation, audio-visual eduation
Carrier Frequency:902 907 912 917 922 927Mhz or 650-680Mhz
Frequency Response:30Hz–15KHz
Number of Channels:6
Transmit Power:<10dBmS/N Ratio:>50dB
Operating Range:>100m

Ideal Applications.

Guided tours
Press conferences
Museum tours
Trade fair events
Interpreting/ multi-language interpretation
Assisitve listening
Receiving commands such as when playing sports

questions & answers

Does this device translate Polish?

Note: This system requires a human language interpreter, it does not translate automatically.

Can listener plug their own headphones into the receivers?

Yes, it’s a standard headphone jack.

Can you add receivers to the system? Like if I get the 20 receiver system and later want to have 25 for my audience.

Yes, you can. Expandable for an Unlimited Number of Users .A transmitter can be used with any number of receivers, as long as they all use the same channel/frequency.

Can I use multiple transmitters together?

You can use multiple transmitters, but you will have to change the channel if you are having two simultaneous tours with different groups.

Does this have a mute button for the translator?

Yes, the  transmitter has a MUTE bottom for the interpreter microphone.

would this system work for a teenage hockey players with their coach while they play?

no issues there. Actually we had not had any issues whatsoever with this system. It works perfectly.

battery life?

AA Battery 27 hours

Is there a USB charging port, or do you have to take the batteries out to charge them?

There is no USB port. We recommend using a AA multi-bay charger.

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