MTG-300 wireless tour guide language interpretation system

ANLEON MTG-300 Wireless Microphone System includes a receiver, bodypack transmitter, lavalier microphone. Connect the microphone to the transmitter Microphone Input.. MTG-300 is a portable short-range wireless system used to transmit an audio message from a presenter to an audience. The presenter speaks into a radio microphone transmitter and the audience use lightweight receivers to hear the message. This system is ideal for small to large, indoor or outdoor applications for guides,interpreters or presenters to communicate effectively to a group of people,rejecting irritating surrounding noise. MTG-300 visitor guidance system supports the operation of up to 40 available transmission channels within the frequency range. Mastering even major events with simultaneous translation into many languages without interference or frequency chaos. Note: This system requires a human language interpreter, it does not translate automatically.



Antenna Type 1/4 wave length wire
Oscillator Type Crystal-controlled PLL Synthesizer
Sound pressure level 120 dB(SPL) max.
THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.9 %
Pick-up pattern omni- directional
Operating time > 8h
RF output power 10 mW
Signal-to-noise ratio  70 dB

The extra wide switching bandwidth covers a wide area, with a wide choice of channels available across multiple models



Target groups:
Professional system rental companies
Trade show organizers
Company technicians
Museums employees
Interpreter associations

Guided tours
Press conferences
Museum tours
Trade fair events
Assisitve listening
Receiving commands such as when playing sports

ANLEON MTG-300 wireless tour guide language interpretation system crystal clear audio (1 Transmitter -1 Receiver)
ANLEON MTG-300 wireless tour guide language interpretation system crystal clear audio (1 Transmitter -1 Receiver)



Can you add more units to the system ?

Expandable for an Unlimited Number of Users

Can you purchase extra receivers later? I am planning to purchase 10 receivers and to purchase more receivers to work with the transmitter.
It can be expanded by adding an unlimited number of additional receivers.More foreign languages can be added for a maximum of 6 in the same room by purchasing 1 additional transmitter and microphone per language.
Che tipo di batterie utilizza?
 AA batterie,low power consumption design for long playtime up to 30 hours


I read that article can not be used with other wireless transmission equipment, I have an AKG wireless sys, you think you may have interference or noi .
just want to make sure that the UHF# is different.
this is legal in the unites states of america ?
Yes,This system is legal in the USA,  FCC does carry a valid FCC ID .
what is the range between reciever and transmiter?

Operating Range:>100m 

What size is the transmitters audio in? 1/4″ or or 3.5mm?
 1/4 inch but it has adapters for everything pretty much.

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They have worked great in our church. We use it for translations. They have worked great in our church. We use it for translations. Great product!!

Great product!

I purchased this translation device with 6 receivers a year ago, then added to the set with 6 additional receivers. This system works great. We’ve used it at several meetings for French translation. Most recently we used it in a large room with more than 200 people, and the translator stood outside the door. All the receivers worked well, and the attendees needing translation could hear perfectly. I would definitely recommend.

I would definitely recommend.

For a relatively cheap group system, it is good enough, the voice is clear. I even recommended it to a companion of mine who leads groups too!

t is good enough, the voice is clear.

Great product! I got it to use for doing simultaneous translation in our church and it works perfectly. It’s simple and light weight. It arrived long before the expected date. I highly recommend this product

I highly recommend this product

I purchased product for real time translation. Signal is very well recieved and signal covers a wide range even with a few walls and obstacles in between.

I purchased an additional 1 transmitter 8 receiver and works perfect. Highly recommend the item.

Great reception and range.


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