MX400   4-Channel Mono Line Mixer and 5-Channel Stereo Audio Mixer


4-Channel Mono Line Mixer :

The 4-channel mixer function is suitable for guitars/bass/keyboards mix. It is perfect for anyone wanting to mix 4 line level signals quickly and without complications.

Ultra-compact 4-channel Mono line mixer for instruments
Highest sonic quality even at maximum output level
Input Level control for each channel
Ultra low-noise operational amplifiers for outstanding audio performance

5-Channel Stereo Mixer :

The unit mixes up to five stereo signals such as CD/TV/phone/MP3/Mac Mini/PS3/Xbox/ FM Tuner/ Phono Player/ Echo/Alexa/Chromecast and more. All signals are mixed via stereo 100K ohm potentiometers to 1/8” headphone output .

Mix audio/music from computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, Amazon Echo/Dot and more!

Perfect solution for mixing four mono devices together.( drum , guitar,keyboard/bass)

MX400 Line mixer


Could it be used to mix 3 keyboards?

Certainly, as long as you are using 1/4″ plugs (standard instrument cables) you could mix any sound. I use it to mix three different bass (guitar and upright) signals. Works great for me.

Does this provide phantom power for condenser mics?

No,  no XLRs.

4 x 1/4″ mono input jacks, Output on 1 x 1/4″ mono jack.

5 x 3.5 stereo input jacks,  Output on 1 x 3.5″ stereo jack.

I have a zoom 504ii effects pedal i want to send the effects pedal through this mixer to the amp while plugging another guitar into the unit can I

Yes…you’ll just need to adjust the gain of each instrument depending on it’s output.. MX400 is a 4 channel mono mixer. So any mono signal can be mixed and volume adjusted for the final single mono output.

Is it compatible with cellphones

As long as the phone had a 3.5 mm audio/headphone jack, it should work.

Is the output Stereo or Mono?

5 x 1/8″ (3.5mm) stereo
3 OUTPUTS – 1/8″ (3.5mm) Headphones, Output to speakers, and REC OUT stereo jacks for 3 simultaneous outputs. 4 x 1/4″ mono input jacks, Output on 1 x 1/4″ mono jack.

would this be suitable to mix 2 to 3 vocal microphones for a podcast recording?

Absolutely No. It is not a mic mixer, it is a line mixer. The inputs are designed for signals up to +16dBU. A microphone signal is usually around -55dBU. Also, a mic has an output impedance around 200 Ohms and expects to see a 1200 Ohm input. The MX400’s input impedance is far higher than that. Finally, most microphones have a balanced output on a 3 pin XLR. This mixer has unbalance inputs on jack sockets.
While it would certainly mix mic signals, they would not sound right and would be horribly noisy.

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I have a NORD Elecrto 5D keyboard which only outputs in stereo (unlike many other keyboards which will output in mono if only the left jack output is used) but often need to send a mono line signal to the PA.
This mixer is so small and compact, I have it cable tied to my keyboard stand so that I can mix the left and right outputs of my keyboard together to sum them to mono.
There is no noise or loss of sound quality at all. I liked it so much I’ve recently bought a spare one as this is an essential piece of equipment for me.

Excellent for summing a stereo line signal to mono

Wanted to run three instruments through one amp to avoid having to adjust the volume on the amp each time I swap instruments. This is perfect, and being about the size of a guitar pedal, fits nicely into my pedal board case. Exactly what I was looking for.

This is perfect, and being about the size of a guitar …

Works great for my needs. I have sound coming from two different computers and optical sound from a PS4 as well as a Xbox1 that each run into a DAC then into this mixer. All 4 sound sources work perfectly. I don’t have to have 4 different headsets to listen to all 4 at once or switch a single pair of headphones around every time I want to use a different device. In my situation I don’t have the luxury of using speakers so I have to use headphones 100% of the time and this makes everything super simple and easy to do as I always have sound from every device to one set of headphones. It is always convenient to have the sound set already for each device so I never have to worry about adjusting levels.

Great for listening to multiple devices at one time

I use this thing to connect my Alexa, personal Mac Mini and dedicated gaming rig to the same set of Bose speakers. I’m no music producer or musician, but I do enjoy full quality music. Yes, it’s a little ridiculous for my purpose, but sometimes you want to re-rip videos on your Mac and hear the notification when its done while playing Overwatch on your gaming PC and still ask Alexa about the weather for the big game. 🙂

If you’re a power user type of nerd like me that likes aesthetically pleasing devices, tinkering with gadgets, overkill and you don’t want to lose your audio quality just because you have a lot of things making sounds at the same time, I’d recommend this thing highly. This thing is so cool and has no flaws whatsoever.

Aesthetically pleasing, have 3 devices all outputting stereo sound.

Works perfectly for sending guitar signals into our band’s monitor mix. A lot of reviewers seem disappointed this unit is not stereo, but it is clearly a LINE MIXER, which in pro-audio means line level mono instruments. It is for guitars, bass and keyboards.

For the price and size, this unit works amazingly well for a simple mixer. You could even mount it on your pedal board and mix clean/dirty signals into your guitar tone. Much cheaper than say a BOSS line selector.

Amazing tiny line mixer for instruments!


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