ANLEON ‘s latest generation MX300 compact amplifier features legendary sound quality and performs as well as much higher priced solutions. This amp is small in size but packed with features and performance! The amp has a two stereo mini headphone inputs and connects one or two audio sources to your speakers and Subwoofer.


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MX300 Mini Amplifier
MX300 Mini Amplifier
MX300 Mini Amplifier

MX300 Mini Amplifier

MX300 Mini Amplifier

Beginner here! will this amp work with a pair of klipsch r14m speakers (50w cont/200w peak)?
Yes, the mx300 will drive those speakers nicely. I suppose if you have a huge space and need ear-splitting or room shaking volume, you might want a bit more power, but for day to day and even louder listening, in a normal sized room, it will be fine.
Does the amplifier have a high pass filter, or is it full-range?
The output (both speaker level and line level) is full range. Even smaller speakers work fine, though. The power is very clean so unless there are high levels of distortion in the source, you can use it for full-range output on small speakers.
Does the crossover for the subwoofer turn off if only two speakers are hooked up?
The subwoofer and speaker level outputs are both full-range. You would use the crossover adjustment in the subwoofer itself for fine tuning.


I can plug in a powered sub and the amp will manage the volume of it as well?

Yes – the level of the subwoofer output will vary up and down w/ the master volume on the amplifier.

I have an old style non-digital receiver. Will this work with my receiver?
The amplifier has 2 analog inputs so it will work with any analog source. You just need a cable w/ a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack at the end to connect to the mx300
What type of connector are they using for the speaker connection?

It has its own mini 2 pin conector. The Connector has screws to secure the speaker wires.

Will I need a pre-amp to play my Technics turntable through this amp?
If your turntable has an on board pre-amp – with analog outputs – you will be good to go… If not, you would need a phono pre-amp.


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This is a great little stereo amp. I matched it with two old school inputs, a record player and a tape deck. Love those old sounds especially the vinyl. My granddaughter loved hearing original Sessme Street records we bought in the 70’s for her Dad. Switched A Bluetooth link later for the tape deck so her Dad could play music from his phone.
This amp has all the guts needed to play the music from any source old or new.

Several generations love this amp.

I’m delighted by the size and functionality for this unit, particularly for the cost. I’m using to drive some secondary speakers (ancient Cambridge Soundworks mini cube speakers from the 1990s and the subwoofer from an Energy 5.1 set). Seems to work fine. It’s hard to judge the audio quality from these speakers, but it’s dead quiet when I turn it all the way up with no source (yay) and faithfully reproduces digital noise in crappy electronics. Out of an iPhone SE, it’s pretty great. LIKE!

I’m delighted by the size and functionality for this unit.

Solid component that’s getting the job done for me without taking up a lot of desk space. I have my monitor sitting on top of shelf speakers (because they make the monitors the right height for me when I sit down) and this tiny thing is giving me excellent value connecting my computer to them and blowing my hair back as I write code. Very pleased with the money I spent for this.

Mighty might

I’m very pleased with this little amp! It’s pushing a couple Energy Take Classic satellites and a small Energy sub for music in my home office. Source is a dragonfly DAC off my lap top. Sound is clean up to loud volume and I couldn’t detect any distortion which is amazing! Visitors always comment on how good it sounds. I couldn’t be happier and the tiny size of the amp means it’s easy to fit anywhere and isn’t obtrusive.

Very pleased with this little amp!

Brilliant little T-Class amplifier! I’ve been looking for one to replace my aging Dayton Audio DTA-1 (aging as in “cheap-assed plastic speaker wire clips fell apart”), and after trying out a couple of alternatives I fell in love with this amp as soon as it was hooked up. I’m using it in my home office to drive a pair of Monsoon MM-1000 planar magnetic speakers and a Theater Solutions Sub8S low profile subwoofer, and love the range and detail this amplifier provides.

starsBrilliant little T-Class amplifier


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