ABOUT OUR S2 Wireless Monitor System

ANLEON S2 is an IEM system designed for stage performance and broadcasting. High S/N ratio and dynamic range ensures optimal audio quality. The dual XLR inputs allow 2-channel, mono or stereo operation with a convenient mix function which allows you to run two sources into the S2.


• 6 selectable channels

• Powered by 2pcs AA batteries, low power consumption design for long playtime up to 12 hours

• Multiple sets of receivers can be operated with a single transmitter within the operating range

• Dynamic expansion circuitry for high S/N ratio

• Complex anti-interference circuit for using 6 sets at the same time without mutual interference

• Receiver LCD displays frequency, channel and battery level

• Long operating range up to 100m


Currier frequencies

526-535MHz (526.3/527.6/529.2/531.1/533.3/534.2 MHz)

561-568Mhz (561.5/562.7/563.9/565.1/566.7/567.5 MHz)

670-680MHz (670.3/671.6/673.2/675.1/677.3/679.3 MHz)

863-865MHz (863.1/863.4/863.9/864.2/864.6/864.9 MHz)


Ideal Applications

S2 Wireless Monitor System for

Recording studio monitoring, on stage monitoring

guitar player
bass player

Customer Questions & Answers.

Can I have 4 or 5 these systems in the same room without interference each other?
Yes, but each one must transmit in different frecuency.
Can i run this straight from my monitor output on my amp?
Depends on the output signal strength from your monitor out? We run them from normal aux outputs on a mixing desk and they are well matched to those.


Does the receiver have a belt clip on it?
The receiver has a metal clip on the back(no belt)
Does this transmit and receive in stereo or mono ?
 in stereo
how many recievers can go onto one transmitter? Is there any inference?
 As many as you like .


I read that article can not be used with other wireless transmission equipment, I have an AKG wireless sys, you think you may have interference or noi .
just want to make sure that the UHF# is different.
I’m new to in ear monitors, where to I connect to a Head or powered mixer?
You connect the output of the unit to the aux of a mixer for the individual control volume .
If i put six of these systems in one church will they work, and wil they have any interference with each other?
we use six and a band and they’re fine.
What size is the transmitters audio in? 1/4″ or or 3.5mm?
 1/4 inch but it has adapters for everything pretty much.
Will this work to send from the headphone jack on a guitar amp to a pair of headphones?
Yeah that will work. This is great for the price don’t get me wrong it doesn’t sound amazing but it works and is good for monitoring or click tracks live.
Would this work with a Behringer MA400 Monitor Headphone Amplifier? I can’t hear myself through the PA very well and don’t want to mess others levels .
yes i use mine through a head phone amp, just have to run low volume because of the amplifier,but it will only give the mix from the headphone amp. but you can control your own volume, if you want to raise your signal then i would hook up directly to the board on and aux send.. Enjoy
Would you recommend this system? I am just a one man band….really just wanting to mess around the house or use at small gigs if it will be ok.
Yes…it us wonderful for a garage band or small church function.

 Who trust us &

Pacific Coast
Vintage company
Authentic Collection

Tester ce produit pendant une semaine
Très très bon produit pour le prix toutefois je ferais une petite restriction. Tout était parfait sauf le casque mais pour le prix il ne faut pas être trop exigeant
J’ai changé ce dernier par des écouteurs shure SE 215-cl, le résultat est bluffant
Donc pour un prix de 75 € pour anleon et 98 €, vous avez un résultat très très satisfaisants.

Anleon système ear monitor

Usiamo questo prodotto per suggerire agli attori di teatro.
Funziona bene per almeno tre ore, usando batterie ricaricabili (non ho provato tempi più lunghi).
Apprezzabili gli auricolari forniti, che tuttavia sono inutilmente due, mentre ne basta uno.
L’auricolare tende a sfuggire dall’orecchio ed è metallizzato, per cui si deve usare del nastro adesivo per tenerlo in posizione e per nasconderlo alla vista del pubblico.

Carlo Milanesi

Per quello che costa va bene , sicuramente le cuffie sono da sostituire non per altro perchè se ne escono dalle orecchie con facilità.Buono il rapporto qualità prezzo.Bisognerebbe testarli con più pezzi.

In ear

hello goodnight. Greetings. the truth is that I am very pleased to have made the decision to buy your product as I am a professional singer Venezuela and needed a wireless monitor and truth that have chosen their brand was the best thing I have done in the last months purchases. thank you for selling such good quality products for us music professionals. thanks for this product

omar vargas

Application: Church Worship Band, 4 Transmitters & 6 Recievers, 4 mixes – 2 for vocals on 4 recievers, and the last 2 for guitar/bass. Placement: Trancievers are on the control booth 100′ away from FOH in a 200’x100′ steel building. We also have 6 Shure Wireless systems next to these trans and have had no interference issues. The signal isn’t prestine, there is a little white noise that’s noticible when it’s quiet, but you can’t notice it while playing. The LCD screen is handy. The volume buttons are in the battery compartment, which isn’t the best solution. One thing though is that the headphones that come with them are junk if you’re using for a live band. You definately want to get some decent iems.


i bought a Shure PSM200 system for $449 last year … $100 off retail through a friend. i’ve been using it for shows but was disappointed with it being mono. stereo is super important with an in-ear mix. it lessens overall noise and makes it easier to focus on what’s happening with the rest of the band.

i had to downgrade to a wired in-ear setup so i could play in stereo. now, i’m back to wireless with this and am totally pleased with the quality. there is a soft hiss at max volume, as others have mentioned, but you don’t need this thing at max volume. just send more signal into it. my unit is NOT distorting giving full line-level volume into it.

i threw the earbuds that came with this away instantly. i have the Shure SE215’s from my previous system, and i recommend them. $99 on their own, which means for under $200 you can have a stereo in-ear system that hangs with the Shures.

Today was my first rehearsal with the unit. If i have interference, problems on stage, or if the unit dies, i will come back and update this review immediately.

Cyrus Ghahremani

i am a keyboardist and singer. I use it on my stage performance dor my in-ear monitor. Reception is good with consistent signal. I also use it in a daily basis around the house. I have a mutichannel mixer where my computer, tv, ipod and ambience mic are attached. I can move and listen without creating noise in the house.

very good

Ottimo prodotto, lievissimo fruscio che si percepisce in lontananza (soprattutto quando ci si muove) in assenza di segnale. Con il monitoring attivo il segnale è pulito, con una buona separazione del fronte stereo. Ovviamente la qualità migliore si potrà ottenere con buone cuffie in ear.

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