MX200 Four-Channel RCA Mixer

The MX200 Four-Channel RCA Mixer is a useful audio tool for any situation where multiple consumer-level products need to be summed to a single stereo output.

The MX200 features an XLR microphone input with switchable Phantom power. Its second channel offers both 1/8″ stereo and RCA connectors for flexibility. The third and fourth channels have RCA connectors. Each channel features a level knob providing up to 32dB of gain; 26dB for line-level sources.

The MX200 has both 1/8″ stereo and RCA output connections. The 1/8″ output can also function as a headphone jack.

accept inputs from a TV/phone/MP3/Mac Mini/PS3/Xbox/ FM Tuner/ Phono Player and Amazon Echo Dot,to desk speakers

For mixing a microphone XLR input with up to three RCA input signals
Four channels total
Line / Headphone output level
Stereo RCA Line-Level Output
AC adapter included

 Input Impedance: 10K Ohms unbalanced each jack
 CH 1 Gain: 32 dB XLR jack (highest gain)
 Phantom Power: for CH 1 microphone XLR
 Ch2 Gain: 26 dB 1/8" and RCA
 Ch 3 and 4 Gain: 26 dB each RCA
 Output: 1/8" stereo and stereo RCA
 S/N Ratio: >90 dB
 THD: <.008%
 IMD(SMPTE): <.008%



mx200 Customer Questions & Answers

MX200 Four-Channel RCA Mixer

Can i run 3.5mm jacks from tv or pc audio outs, via rca sdaptors, to this, and get a reasonable mixed volume out, into headphones ?

I have never put headphones on it but that should work just fine.

I want to mix my computer audio output with (2) keyboards using 1/4″ outputs . Using standard 1/4 inch to RCA cables , will this work without hum ?


If I connect this to an active studio monitor could I avoid not needing an amp?

It’s a pre amp so if your monitor is amplified you’re good. I’m using it between my Onkyo receiver’s LFE sub out and a Crown power amp. The Onkyo preamp level output is too low. This unit provides a boosted signal to the RCA input on the power amp. I luv it.

Is the 1/8″ input stereo or mono?
 It is stereo.
It has 2 1/4″ inputs and 3 sets of stereo RCA inputs that are mixed to MONO.” Are the L and R inputs really mixed together?

The non-s has 1/4″ inputs and mixes to mono. The “s” model had 1/8″ input and XLR input and mixes stereo.

 Who trust us &

Pacific Coast
Vintage company
Authentic Collection

This is a great little mixer, and it does exactly what it was designed to do. It has three stereo inputs with RCA connectors (one input has both RCA and 3.5mm 1/8 inch stereo jacks) and one XLR input with switchable on/off phantom power, for a total of four inputs. The output is both RCA and 3.5mm 1/8 inch stereo, and the signal is clean. All level controls have a detent position at zero gain.

This is a great little mixer

This is a great little mixer. I’m using 2 of them in conjunction with Amazon Eco Dot units in my office and bedroom. In both of these cases, the Dot is plugged into stereo input 4 while the source (XM radio in the office, TV in the bedroom) is plugged into stereo input 3. This lets me vary the volume of the entertainment source while leaving the Echo at a constant volume so I can hear responses to questions regardless of the volume level for the other source.

The mixer is extremely sturdy and well constructed and runs cool to the touch even though I leave it on continuously. It was simple to set up and operate, there’s plenty of room on the top panel to label the input knobs (using my P-Touch label maker) and it is very quiet. While I didn’t use measurement instruments, I can not detect any added noise, hiss, or other interference, and the dynamic range appears to be unaffected – no clipping or distortion is audible. The only oddity is that all of the input knobs have detents just to the right of the 12 o clock position (almost straight up). This makes it easy to match the level of two inputs in that position but seems kind of arbitrary to me. Also, the default for phantom power is on; while I haven’t plugged a microphone into the unit, this seems like a risky setting.

All in all, this is a great little mixer. Solid, quiet, great build quality, and reasonably priced. I own 2 of them now and would not hesitate to buy mo

A great little mixer

Amazing little contraption. We have several inputs (computer, Apple TV, DVD player, etc) that all need to be connected to an Active Speaker system which is permanently installed in a classroom. This little mixer is perfect for this. No need to worry about selecting inputs, selecting outputs,  complicated instructions, or complicated troubleshooting. This device, which is literally just a row of volume knobs, is perfect for our use.

Simple solution for complex problems

I just ordered a second one for my other stereo. Why is it so great? I have several things – Amazon Echo Dot, Apple TV, Xbox – that all wanna connect to the 1 solitary AUX-IN on my stereo. Even if I did have more AUX-IN options, switching between inputs is annoying and this means never doing that again. Also, sometimes I want to listen to music from Alexa and ALSO play an Xbox game and hear the sound from both. Also, the relative volume of each of those sources is so different that they need a little tweaking so the stereo can stay at the same volume level. This brilliant little box does all of those things, doesn’t require yet another AC power adapter because it’s passive, and is very well-made and easy.

I love this thing. It’s so simple and elegant and just does exactly what I wanted.


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