S1 Personal In-Ear Monitor  Amplifier

ANLEON S1 is a personal in-ear monitor headphone amplifier that can be used on stage or in the studio, to provide performers and recording artists with a flexible, convenient personal monitoring solution.

The dual XLR inputs allow 2-channel, mono or stereo operation with a convenient mix function which allows you to run two sources into the S1. Two simple controls,Level and Balance, help you achieve the perfect mix in an instant.


Intended for drummers and other performers, the unit features a high-power headphone output that helps to ensure that as the band gets louder, you’ll still be able to hear your performance. The unit runs up to 12 hours on a 9V battery (not included) or can be powered by 9V DC power supply( -PIN +RING).

S1 Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier

S1 Personal In-Ear Monitor Headphone Amplifier for

guitar player
bass player
Every Musicians that is not moving around the stage can use it.


Dual XLR inputs allow for 2-channel mono or stereo operation

High-powered headphone output with limiter protects your ears; loud enough for drummers

Level and Balance/Mix controls

Battery control with dual LED indicators

Controls for Level and Balance

Operates with 9V Battery or included AC/DC adapter

Package Weight 300g 

S1 Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier
S1 Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier
S1 Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier
S1 Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier
S1 Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier
S1 Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier

s1 in-ear monitor headphone amplifier

s1 Personal In-Ear Monitor Headphone Amplifier

do i just connect the S1 IEM to one of the mic channels on the sound system?

you can connect it to the sound board to the xlr input on the S1 IEM.

i was looking for an IEM where i can hear lead vocals and my vocals as a drummer..is this it?

This will do what you need
You can connect through a mixer and send what you want to hear to your S1 IEM

I’m a drummer and I am looking for a device where I can choose to only listen to myself, the bass player, and the singer, would this give me that?

Yes it can,What you hear depends upon what you send into it. You need a mixer with an aux send to control which signals are sent to your monitor mix.

I’m a drummer looking for a live solution for monitoring with a live rock band. Would this work?

Yes,as long as you feed the right monitor mix into it.

is this device just for drummers?

this is for any musician who needs to hear the rest of of the band feed.Every Musicians that is not moving around the stage can use it, not just drummers. keyboardist as well!!!

what cables do i need to make this work and how many cables do i need?

You simply need an xlr cable from your source (mixer) to the amplifier
Then your headphones are plugged into the amplifier
If you want you can have 2 xlr cables from mixer to have your IEM’s in stereo

 Who trust us &

Pacific Coast
Vintage company
Authentic Collection

My band uses keyboard samples for a few songs, we use audio files that have a click track on one side and sample on the other. This unit makes it easy to send a signal through an aux send that is mixed at the board. It gives our drummer flexibility to adjust the overall volume. Well worth the price… Running it direct didn’t have the volume he needed – so make sure to run the signal from the board.

Great monitor for drummer

As a drummer, I was looking for something compact for the in ear rig, and more importantly I wanted something that didn’t have a preamp on the XLR input like all regular mixers do. Since a regular mixer with XLR is expecting a mic level signal it has the preamp, but a feed from the monitor console comes out at line level, so I was always battling with having the monitor guy bring the send level down to keep from overdriving the channel even with the gain all the way down. Plus I really only needed one input for the monitor feed, and not all the other 1/4″ and RCA inputs on other standard compact mixers, except maybe 1 more input for a click if the gig called for it. This is perfect. It has plenty of headroom, the signal sounds crystal clear and can clip to a music stand or sit on a case next to me. Fits easy in the backpack with the stick bag and charts.

Exactly what I needed

Like so many drummers I’ve been thinking about going in-ears for quite a while; glad I finally did! Personal highlights of this unit include the incredible headroom – I work country and classic rock, our band’s own sound and that of concert-style sound of select venues…never had to push the level past nine o’clock. The on-board limiter functions great and the low battery status light is a big plus. Having the chose of belt-clip or mic stand mount is spot on. A caution is that the battery door design could use a going-over. And the biggest challenge has been that I use a throne with a backrest; little/to no room for this unit. I adjusted by wearing it as far back on my left hip as possible; created a slight re-position of my elbow but I spent adequate time in the practice room finding the right fit before I took it out.

so simple for a drummer to step up to in-ears

I bought two of these for my worship band (drums and keys) to cut down on monitor noise.
I was really looking for something WITHOUT the need of a power cable.
Not only did I find it, but this box’s user-friendly-ness is so much better!
XLR input (no need for a XLR – 1/4 adaptor)
Battery operated
a simply Volume knob
AND stereo capabilities with an easily accessable push button

Well beyond what I expected

Got to use this Headphone Amp for the first time this weekend at a gig. I was completely surprised by this small and inexpensive piece of equipment. I hooked one end into an AUX SEND OUT on my mixer with a TRS jack, ant the other end into the amp with an XLR jack. Popped in a 9-volt, clipped it onto my belt, connected my in-ear headphones, turned it on, and smiled from ear to ear. Clear as a bell. And with the volume control, you select your own level. I will never never never use those powered stage monitors again. Stage volume greatly reduced. Better mix coming thru the mains. Great job, Behringer. This amp is the real deal.



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